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4 Celebrations to Watch Out for in London this February


Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when the month of February comes rolling is Valentine’s Day marked with cupids, chocolates, hearts and roses. But, that international event is not the only one that’s cooking as far as London is concerned, and there is a flurry of activities that are bound to attract a lot of people during this month. Here’s a quick recap of what you can expect when you are up for some of the coolest happenings in the capital this February.

Maslenista Russian Festival: 02-08 to 02-15-15

As winter is drawing to a close, there is bound to be a celebration welcoming spring in London but this year, it won’t be held in Trafalgar Square. Maslenista is actually a combination of a pagan festival to welcome spring and a religious celebration in Russian Orthodox. The Russian celebration will happen in various venues all over the Capital to celebrate the country’s culture. Among the key events during the weeklong celebration is Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev’s British Premiere of Oratorio St. Matthew Passion and the Russian Ballet Icons Grand Galas’ 10th anniversary at the London Coliseum.

Pancake Day: 02-17-15

Pancakes are a breakfast staple and almost everyone, loves them! If you are in the mood for some pancake indulgence, there’s no better excuse than London’s Pancake Day which is held in various venues all over the city. In Christian Tradition, the Tuesday just before Lent is considered to be Fat Tuesday where rich ingredients are added to food in preparation for the 40 days of fasting that follows. This is the right time to perfect your pancake recipe or drop by London’s best places for pancakes including the Breakfast Club which has branches in Spitalfields, Soho, Hoxton and Islington and there’s Crepe Affaire, a fast food with several branches or go for something cozier the Continental’s grand café known as The Delauney. Aside from eating, there is also several pancake races in various venues.

Chinese New Year: 02-22-15

As the Chinese New Year comes rolling in to say hello to the Year of the Sheep, it’s bound to be quite riotous in London as the Chinatown becomes quite busy for this season. The celebrations in the Capital for this event are quite grand and it happens to be the biggest celebration outside London. The New Year will be on the 19th but as usual, the bulk of the festivities will be held on the following Sunday, the 22nd. If you are curious on what to expect for the event, you should prepare yourself for New Year decorations all over Chinatown, food and craft stalls will be popping up all over the streets and special menus would certainly be offered in about a hundred bars and restaurants all over the place. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without dragon dancers weaving its way along with a parade and traditional acts for New Year celebrations.

London Fashion Week: 02-26-15 to 03-01-15

If you love following the most fashionable trends, London is certainly a good place to be as it is one of the World’s fashion capitals. Watch the Somerset House in the Strand come alive as the catwalk is graced by models wearing the newest fashion offerings from renowned designers. More than a hundred designer brands will be part of the affair and this is the perfect venue to update your wardrobe for the winter. This historical venue would certainly transform to a paradise filled with fashionable people including the leading experts in the field of beauty and style.


February is certainly a busy month in London and it is the perfect time to witness London’s beauty during the off peak season.


Author: Agustina

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