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4 leftfield venues that light up London


Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, cock-er-nee geezas, jellied eels and hipster cereal cafes – we all know the staples of London, the reasons that the tourists flock to the cultural capital and take selfies next to the London Eye.

But what about the more obscure sections of the city? The places that even the beard-sporting hipsters aren’t aware of?

We’ve tracked down a handful of these obscure or leftfield haunts and, in association with Gatwick meet and greet, present them in this article for your enjoyment. Hunt them down and revel in your obscurantism!

Speaker’s Corner

Fancy hearing religious ramblings, political debates, intriguing thoughts and philosophies spoken out loud? Then get your inquiring butt down to Speaker’s Corner.

Every Sunday in Hyde Park near the Marble Arch Tube Station, the park buzzes with conversation, debates and polemical opinions. This is an age-old spot where the right to freedom of speech is exercised, at great length and sometimes with a megaphone.

Guildhall Art Gallery

Everyone knows about the National Gallery, but there are tons of galleries that don’t get half the recognition they deserve. One such gallery is the Guildhall Art Gallery, which offers free admission and a beautiful collection of objects belonging to the Corporation of London.

The gallery is extra special thanks to the roman amphitheatre situated under the building. A relatively new discovery, it’s now available for viewing from the public. Just imagine – you’ll be transported from modern-day London to Ancient Rome in a matter of moments.

Prince Charles Cinema

Have you ever wanted to sing along to the Sound of Music while dressed as a nun? How about bellow the tunes of the Rocky Horror Picture Show while donning your finest Dr Frankenfurter outfit? Or maybe you just want to view the latest arthouse cinema releases in likeminded company?

Then the Prince Charles Cinema is perfect for you. Located in Leicester Square, the heart of the city, it’s a screening house replete with one-off screenings of hidden gems, regular novelty singalongs, and all the biggest blockbusters. It’s everything a film buff could want and much, much more.

Check out the Fourth Plinth

Outside the National Gallery sits a very special plinth, on which any madcap art project could be happening. The Fourth Plinth has featured major musical performances, strange sculptures from avant garde artists and performance artists trying out their weird and wonderful acts.

What’s more, these performances are absolutely free. Therein lies the beauty of London – there’s always something cheap or free in this hustling, bustling capital city.

Are you itching to tell us some left-of-centre venues we’ve missed out? Then let us know in the comments below!


Author: joinengland

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