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4 of the best family friendly areas in South London


It was declared that in January of this year, house prices in London were down to its lowest in a year. This comes as a change to what they were in August 2014, when house prices were up to the highest they had been in seven years. This is great news for anyone looking to settle down with their families in and around London. Currently, South London is proving to be one of the more affordable and best family friendly areas. If you’re not sure where to look for a South London property, Castle Estates letting agents can help in your search for some of the best places south of the river to bring up your children in a safe and secure family friendly environment.


Home to English rugby, Twickenham as a lot to offer this year and looking in to the future. Not only is the city hosting some of the 2015 rugby world cup games this year, Twickenham is a popular family area. Based in the borough of Richmond, it’s also home to Strawberry Hill, Eel Island, Cambridge Park, Richmond Lock and St. Mary’s University. One thing’s for sure, this family friendly area will never let you run out of things to do!



The borough of Wandsworth has a lot of fun for you and your family to enjoy. Battersea Park Children’s zoo is a great day out for young children to see some of their favourite mammals, birds, and reptiles. Wandsworth town is home to picturesque Battersea Park which also has a zoo, sculptures and art exhibitions. The largest fruit and vegetable wholesale market in the UK, New Covent Garden Market, is also located here and is a great way to let your kids pick out their own fresh produce and get them eating their 5 a day!



Dulwich, famous for getting its name from a meadow growing dill flowers, is made up of three regions – Dulwich Village, East Dulwich, and West Dulwich. You might mistake the area for being in the countryside rather than the city with its peaceful and very scenic leafy streets. The 72 acre Dulwich Park is a great place for families to visit and if the weather lets you, is a great picnic spot. At the park are also a number of sports facilities including football pitches and tennis courts, as well as a boating lake. Crystal Palace Park is another outdoor area nearby for families to spend the day.



When we think of Wimbledon, only one thing comes to mind! Home to one of the biggest tennis competitions in the world, this area on South London is one of the most well-known areas in London. That’s not all it has to offer however, as Wimbledon is also known for having cultural venues, countless restaurants and bars to enjoy, as well as residents describing the area as safe and friendly, making it perfect for families to reside here. Wimbledon is one of the lower costing South London areas to live, and is a very welcoming, diversely cultural area, making it easy for people moving there to feel quickly at home and part of the community. Wimbledon Common is a hot spot for families to take their children for a Sunday stroll through the 460 hectares of natural open space, accompanied by ponds, windmills, recreational forests, a museum, and of course tennis courts.



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