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5 Accessories Every Tourist needs in London


When heading for a trip to London, you’ve no doubt done loads of research about the best things to see and do whilst you’re there. With it being such a major city jam packed with great attractions, it can be difficult to know what to decide on!

There are a few things you can take with you that will make life infinitely easier for you as you go exploring. We’ve listed 5 of them for you.

1. A map

If you want to avoid the crazy roaming charges, leave your phone at home and go old school with a city map. (Though it’s also worth knowing that you won’t ever be far from Wi-Fi in London). Go armed with a map or look out for those handing them out on the streets/at train stations. You can pretty much always pick up a free one from somewhere.

2. An umbrella

London weather can be pretty unpredictable, so rather than getting caught in one of the common April showers, it’s a good idea to pack a compact umbrella into your luggage. We also came across this genius invention which combines a map and umbrella – the rainman umbrella which you should take a look at!

3. A camera

Whether you love a sophisticated DSLR or even just a simple throwaway camera, you won’t want to head to London without something you can take your snaps on. It’s important that you keep your valuable camera out of sight where possible to avoid being vulnerable to opportunist thieves.

4. Flat shoes

Although you’ll no doubt be hopping on and off tubes all day when it comes to getting around, you’ll soon realise that walking from A to B can actually be much easier, obviously cheaper and even quicker in some cases. Therefore leave the uncomfortable shoes at home and make sure you have flat, comfortable walking shoes on so your exploring days are spoilt by sore feet.

5. A warm coat

It’s not too cold in London at the moment, but as any true Londoner will tell you, all that could change at any minute. If you’re from a significantly warmer country, you’ll also no doubt see a huge difference in the British weather compared to the weather back home too. So it’s a good idea to go armed with some warm layers, such as a big warm coat, a scarf and even gloves and a hat.


Author: joinengland

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