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5 Cool London Events to Bring Your Kids To


As the home of so many museums and galleries, London is bound to be an exciting place for those who are interested in an educational kind of fun. And, if there are kids with you, they would love to tag along. And, with so many things going on in the Capital, a trip with the youngsters would certainly be so much fun and you can inject a lesson here and there. For the best activities in London that involves kids, here are some suggestions and take note of the dates.


February 13 to 25: Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios

The tale of the Boy Who Lived may have run its course as far as book releases and movie adaptations are concerned but there is still a large chunk of the population who can’t get enough of Harry Potter and the world of wizards. Plus, if you are equally fascinated with animals, you will surely be enthralled with a display of the creatures that starred on film. Located just in the outskirts of London, you are in for the chance to see those animals upclose. Prices vary and you have to book in advance but it would certainly be cool to watch a live demonstration of the acting prowess of cats, toads and, of course, the owls.


February 16 to 20: The London Dungeon

You might think of less gory things to do and the last thing on your mind is grave digging but it can be a lot of fun especially with the kids in tow. You would be amazed at the way The London Burkers made a living. This half term theme features how these men made a living in London during the 1840s by digging up graves and selling those bodies to hospitals that utilized them for research. Booking in advance is recommended for this event.


February 15 to 22: ArcelorMittal Orbit

Lego happens to be quite a hit on kids these days and it would certainly be awesome to see these plastic bricks put to good use. Here, you can see the recreation of London landmarks as lego which is quite fun. You can even compare them to their real counterparts and you can see some of them from the platform. This is such a cool place to be especially when the young ones are around as this can leave them quite excited.


February 15 and 18: Natural History Museum

Dinosaurs are among the most fascinating creatures to have ever walked on earth and given their sudden disappearance, they remain to pose a lot of mystery to man. And, we stand to learn so much about them and there is no denying that they are interesting. If you have always been curious about those dinosaurs, you can know more about a Lambeosaurus. This dino isn’t that popular but you might just get convinced that its way better than a T-Rex. You might even get to see and touch some fossils while here.


February 20: Golden Hinde II

Kids who would love to know more about their history lessons shouldn’t miss this one as it has much to do with the Tudors. You can take them with you and give them an immersion in what it was like in 16th century London. They can also get a taste of how it would be like to be a sailor and a ship’s crew member. This will certainly make those history lessons less boring and the kids can have much fun while learning something important.


With so many kid friendly events going on in London, there are certainly so many things that you can do to bond with the young ones.


Author: Agustina

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