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5 Extraordinary Date Ideas and Stops in London


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London is one of the top destinations for tourists and with the city’s popularity as a destination for couples; it’s good to know that the city is filled with so many cool stops for dating. There are certainly a lot of unusual activities that you can do for a date especially when you want something which is out of the ordinary. Here are some great date ideas on what to do in the capital when you are with someone special.


Ride the Thames Clipper to Greenwich and Back

Many landmarks in the city of London are meant to be seen from the Thames River and you can do just that from the Clipper. While riding the Clipper, you can pass through many original landmarks in the city. Be sure to return after dark as it is one of the most magical times while riding the Clipper, you can see the shining lights of the city reflecting on the water of the Thames and passing under the Tower Bridge is simply magical. Surprisingly, even some Londoners haven’t taken the Thames Clipper and the entire experience is an enchanting one. Plus, there are so lovely activities that you can do while you are in Greenwich.


Haunted Histories Walk, East London

Not all people are thrilled about the preconceived notion of romance and if you cringe at the traditional ideas of a date, you can spice things up with a haunting historical walking tour. Everyone knows that London had some gory histories and you can have a better idea about this with a ghost walk in Smithfield located in the eastern part of London. While walking along the chilly streets, stories of murders that will make your blood curl and other spooky tales will push you to cuddle up and take comfort in each other. It’s just like snuggling with each other to watch a scary movie


The Electric formerly Aubin Theatre, Shoreditch

This snug theatre is one of the best dating venues especially if you do not mind a bit of luxury. Plus, this is perfect when you are planning of getting a haircut or a manicure. There’s a barber in the floor as well as a salon where you can go for an up do. As part of the Soho House group, this place is as luxurious as they go. There are cashmere blankets and chic tables where you can place your drinks. There are also footstools and the armchairs are all made from leather. This is definitely a step up from your usual movie date.


Royal Observatory, Greenwich Park

Keeping the romance alive is only possible with variety. It is important to shake things up a bit. And, if you are in London, a trip to Greenwich Observatory is just what to do. For those who possess a geeky side, stepping over the Meridian Line is just a must because by doing it, you can, metaphorically stop the flow of time. Greenwich is also perfect if you want to take in the skyline and the stars. An afternoon walk in the park and climbing up the hills to the observatory will certainly make an exciting afternoon.


Wilton’s Music Hall, Whitechapel

Washed-out a may just be the thing that people can associate with this music hall which is the oldest music hall in the world but it has been an attraction for a lot of couples years back. Visitors dropping by the place see the crumbling structure in what once had been an ornately decorated gilded interior. Nevertheless, there are still cabarets performances and free musical performances in the Mahogany Bar which makes it an interesting choice for a date. There’s also good value beer here and there’s wine.


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