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5 Hot Picks for an Unconventional Valentine’s Date in the Capital



Valentine’s Day is certainly one of the highlights during the month of February and if you are in London it would be hard to run out of cool ideas on what to do for the event. If you are after something quite special and unconventional, here are some suggestions that might just appeal to you

Sleeping with Sherlock: Museum of London

Among the most popular characters from London is Sherlock Holmes and in honor of this quite unconventional character in detective novels, this event was launched. An annual event will be held on the 13th and there is a nighttime experience exclusively for adults in the 14th. There will be a sleuthing workshop where guests can uncover the secrets of psychological profiling and fingerprinting, there’s blood spatter analysis from Think Forensics. Ghost story recitals till the wee hours and a movie marathon of Sherlock Holmes movies will also be part of the event. Now, isn’t that an unconventional all-nighter on Valentine’s Day?

An Evening with the Stars: Royal Observatory Greenwich

For those who see Valentine’s Day more than just an event for chocolates and roses, it would be awesome to explore the romantic ambiance while exploring the evening skies. There’s no better place to be to appreciate such view than Greenwich. Valentine ’s Day will surely be a special evening here as you explore the most romantic sights in the heavens with your partner and it also comes with a champagne toast and a special stargazing session. But, take note that this is all dependent on the weather and you might not get that night with the stars should the weather turn foul although you can always hang around the Planetarium.

Broken Hearts and Promises: Bloomsbury House

A new way to experience Valentine’s Day will always be a welcome one and that is the primary aim of this one. Set in a townhouse that can accommodate five hundred people, there are surely so much to do with several interactive elements in place such as the kissing booth and a love confession wall. The main attraction for this event though is the food which features macaroons with floral flavors, alcoholic slushies, and jalapeno and cheese toasties. There is a pre-dinner screening of True Romance and there is also an onsite cinema. There’s some dancing too and it is bound to be a really enjoyable affair.

Valentines Masked Ball: The Coronet

Sappy Valentine’s Day celebrations are not for everyone and if you do not have any qualms about the darker side of love, then this might just be the perfect way to celebrate the event. This is not an orgy or any of that sort but debauchery is certainly part of the evening’s entertainment in this masked ball. As organizers put it, the history of Valentine’s is quite macabre and this twisted way to celebrate this event is quite fitting and it comes complete with DJs for added fun.

1920’s Valentine’s Day Ball: Location Concealed

Aside from being a cool pop up party complete with music, jazz and dancing, this event will surely be awesome as it features a secret Art Deco location. This prohibition style event will be set in a ballroom lined with palm trees and lit by hundreds of candles which is quite the stuff that makes a romantic evening unless your dress or tux gets caught by the fire. Burlesque performances will also be part of the evening’s entertainment and you can rest assured that the vibe will be sultry and sexy just perfect for Valentine’s Day. And, about the location, it would be unveiled the day before the event.


There are all sorts of way on how to celebrate the day of love and these suggestions are surely cool ones especially when you’ve got the perfect person in mind.


Author: Agustina

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