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Cool Caravan Sites Located Near Central London

London is one of the most interesting cities in the world but due to increasing prices of accommodations in the city, more people opt for cheaper alternatives like caravan tours. Caravan holidays is just the time for adventurous individuals who are looking for an affordable way to see the city; but, before heading off to an exciting tour, it is important to insure your motor home with a reputable insurance company such as the one suggested by The Caravan Club.

A London vacation may not involve camping, at least in your mind, but there are actually permanent cool camping sites in the motorway that encircles Greater London. In fact, caravan camping holidays in the city is a lot of fun and you can save so much should you decide to go for it. One good thing about this kind of vacation is that you can enjoy the freedom to move as much as you want during your stay and the public transport can take you easily into Central London. 

Commons Wood

If woodlands are fascinating to you, you shouldn’t miss this site which is just 20 minutes by train to London’s city centre. This site is perfect for family outings as there are various activities that will keep everyone happy. A playground is located just 2 miles from the site and there’s also a golf course. If spotting birds is an ideal pastime for you, you should go to Reed Marsh Reserve. The nearest town to this site is Welwyn Garden City, a great example of modern town planning and you get to see a Roman Bath in this city. 

Alderstead Heath

If you relish variety in your tour, you would love this place as there’s so much to do here. Thorpe Park is located nearby and you can explore the Surrey countryside. If you are looking forward to venturing into central London, there’s a station within easy reach. There are also wonderful walking trails for people and for dogs. There is an obstacle course which offers a lot of fun not just for kids but also for adults. Plus, this site is quiet and peaceful even if it is near the motorway. 

Abbey Wood Caravan Site

This place has a rural feel about it and it has spacious grounds and lots of trees. Due to its proximity to London, you can actually arrive in the city in just 35 minutes. If you have done much sightseeing in London and you are looking for a new experience, you can go to Greenwich where you will have a lot of fun in touring the curious spots including the observatory. This caravan site is buzzing with activity almost all year round as there are various events held in nearby locations such as the Chelsea Flower Show. Aside from sightseeing, you can also go on a river cruise that will take you to Hampton Court, Kew, Richmond, Westminster, Greenwich and Tower Bridge. Plus, the park is located in the city’s low emission zone. 

Crystal Palace Caravan Club Site

If you are focused on discovering the almost limitless sights in London, this is the perfect place to park your caravan. This is a popular site and it is brimming with guests during the summer season. There is a bus near the park that will take you to Oxford Circus. This site is highly recommended especially to those who are staying off season.

A caravan tour is definitely a good way to save money on a London trip. If you want to explore more camping sites in London, it would be great to do a bit of research and see which site suits your needs best. Find the right caravan to be towed on the right car and forget about transportation or accommodation in crowded London - just have fun!

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