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Online Accommodation Platform Kippsy Transform London Holidays

Many people wish they could stay awake 24 hours a day when visiting London ... but even then you wouldn’t be able to take in all that this buzzing capital city has to tempt visitors of all ages.

Markets, street festivals, shopping, dining, river tours, culture and special attractions like the London Eye can fill your days with delights which will become treasured memories but where should you stay to enjoy them? And how does your choice affect your holiday?

According to new accommodation platform Kippsy, the two factors are inextricably linked and with a website launch planning for this month, it seems the time for London holidays to be transformed has arrived!

Hark to the past

One of the most superb ways of experiencing London is by delving into its unique history. Luckily, there are many museums which give a special focus to the tales of Royal reckonings, city ghosts and major events throughout London’s two millennia which provide and insight into what has shaped its present but you’ll want to stay somewhere nearby to make the most of them.

This is where Kippsy come in, offering flexible and convenient accommodation solutions in the capital. They have more than 300 London properties listed on their books which focus on self-contained apartments as opposed to typical hotel accommodation which can fall short on service whilst lumbering guests with a higher price tag.

In fact, that’s one of Kippsy’s key selling points – they can save guests as much as 65% per night when calculating the cost of your holiday. Considering what you’re getting for that money it’s certainly a London holiday high on value!

Museum paradise

From your cozy base courtesy of Kippsy, you can take in spots like the Museum of London with its state-of the-art displays chronicling major events and daily life in the capital through the centuries. In the same neck of the woods is the must-see Tower of London which is worth a visit alone for its Norman-era White Tower and exhibition of the Crown Jewels.

More sobering but worth a visit is the imperial War Museum just south of the Thames for an insight into London’s role in two world wars.

Also on the south bank of the river is the Globe Theatre, built close to the site of Shakespeare’s original venue where regular tours and exhibitions painting a picture of the capital’s thespian past.

Remember that each neighborhood in London has a story to tell and Kippsy has holiday accommodation all over the city that is conveniently located for walking or public transport. As their founder and CEO Phil Cooper explained, “Kippsy provides a gateway to a local London Lifestyle” and this is something which could completely transform our view of the capital. 

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