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The best museums of London

As a great city with a long past and distinct culture and art, London has some of the most visited museums in the world. Whether you are interested in history, art, design, or science, London’s museums provide insight, unique objects and artefacts, and interactive exhibits on these subjects and more. The great thing about London’s museums is that many of them offer free entry to their permanent collection and exhibits. Wander in on a rainy afternoon or plan a visit with the whole family and you will be sure to be absorbed by what London’s Museums have to offer and will likely come away having learnt something new. 
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History Museums

The British Museum should be a must visit on any museum or history lovers list. You will be fascinated by the over two million artefacts this world-famous museum holds covering history from prehistoric to more recent times. Here you will have the opportunity to see legendary and historical objects that have been created by human civilizations from around the world such as the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon sculptures, Chinese jade figurines and Ancient Egyptian collection. It is amazing to think how these relics have been made so long ago without any modern technology. Currently the museum is presenting an exhibit centered around the work of one of England’s most accomplished citizens, titled “Shakespeare: staging the world” that will be on until November 25. This exhibit uses the plays of Shakespeare as unique way to look at the emergence of London as a major world city 400 years ago, while examining the importance of theater in shaping national identity and in offering viewers a sense of the world outside of London. Clothing, drawing, paintings, armour, weapons, maps, prints, coins, medals and other objects, along with dramatic performances will all be used to bring the London of 400 years ago alive for visitors. Entry to the museum is free, except for special exhibits and it is a great way to spend an afternoon or several. 

If you are new to London or just want to know more about this fascinating city, the Museum of London presents the history and development of London’s illustrious past including the areas prehistoric beginnings, first settlements, Roman rule, courtly medieval London, Victorian London and beyond. The museum features historic objects and exhibitions. See the Galleries of Modern London, from 1666 to the present to learn about London’s progression to its current position as an influential world class city recognized and visited by millions each year. 

Art & Design Museums

If you love art and design you are in luck as London is renowned for its taste and innovation in both. Visit these museums to see some of the top art and design from around the world both contemporary and classical. The Victoria and Albert Museum showcases furniture, paintings, sculpture, jewelry, metalwork, and textiles representing over 3000 years of human creativity! The objects have been created by civilizations all over the world. The upcoming exhibit showcases exceptional costume design from well-known Hollywood films. Entry is free except for special exhibits. 

If you want to see the most innovative current trends and creations in art and design, a visit to the Design Museum will satisfy your craving. Located on the London’s Thames River, near the Tower Bridge the museum is a world leader in showcasing contemporary design. You’ll find innovative design in furniture, visuals, sculpture, architecture, transport, and industrial design, including everyday objects that go beyond usefulness with their signature look or exceptional function. 


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