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The Road to London’s Airports

London has the highest population density in Britain and is the biggest city in Europe. If you ever wanted to get out, there are plenty of airports to choose from - Heathrow; Gatwick; Stansted; London City and Luton. But how do you get there? And when you realise that you can never really tire of London, how do you get back from the airport? We explore the different transport options to get you to and from these airports on time for your flight and on budget. 
If you’re in a hurry, have a quite a lot of baggage or simply want some privacy, a cab is the best option for you while your car is safely parked at home. Charges are much higher than travelling by bus or coach as the taxi comes to straight to you. The less the distance travelled, the lower the cost. So keep your charges at the minimum by requesting the shortest rather than the quickest routes possible.
Airport Parking
Parking your car at the airport is a convenient solution, especially if you’re travelling with the family. Leave for the airport at the time you feel best and park your car in a secure compound on or near the airport. Tariffs vary according to the different types of parking: Meet and Greet is among the most expensive but offers the most convenience with your very own chauffeur who parks your car for you. Park and Ride options such as Short or Long Stay parking bill you according to the duration of your holiday. Essential Travel offers all of these different cheap airport parking options in one place so you can compare prices and book ahead.
Bus or Coach
Buses are a cheap way to get to the airports located within the city’s transport network such as London Heathrow and London City. There are day buses and night buses depending on what time you fly. It will take you slightly longer depending on how many buses you have to take, but you simply use your everyday travel card or Oyster so it works out very cheap. Getting to Gatwick, Stansted or Luton is possible by a coach from various rail stations like London Victoria. They run regularly so you can book ahead or buy a ticket when you arrive.
Underground or Overland Rail
Travelling by tube or rail is cost effective and suits travellers who have minimal luggage; ideally a backpacker’s option. There’s the Heathrow Express, a fast train from Paddington Station straight to London’s busiest airport terminals. There’s also the Gatwick Express which does much the same thing, but has to go a bit further and runs non-stop from Victoria Station. There are Underground travel options for London City, for example, where you can hop on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) at an East London tube station and get straight to the airport terminal with your Oyster Card. Heathrow Airport is at one end of the Piccadilly Line, the long royal blue one on the London tube map! 
Airport Hotels
For a feel of home away from home right before or after your flight, an airport hotel with parking is your answer. Arrive at the terminal building via a short shuttle transfer from the hotel just before your departure. Your car is safely parked either at the hotel or the airport, depending on the hotel’s facilities and the package you book. Airport hotels are an affordable and easy option when the airport you’re travelling through is far from home or your flights are at unsociable hours.
Choose the transport that best suits you when you next go on your next holiday, business trip, gap year or city break. London will be waiting for you when you return. 

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