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What to consider when travelling in your later years

Taking a break and getting away for a while will reap rewards whatever your age. With a wealth of holidays available to choose from, your only dilemma should be deciding upon a destination. For a percentage of the population however, settling on a holiday hotspot may involve a variety of additional considerations. 

For many people in later life, it’s equally important to take aspects such as health and mobility concerns into account to ensure the chosen destination delivers on comfort and convenience.

There are a number of ways to take a holiday. From a cruise to an escorted coach trip, there’s bound to be a package that’s perfect for you. For those with additional needs, it’s still possible to enjoy going on holiday, provided adequate support and assistance is in place to offer a helping hand. 

To ensure your specific needs are met, prior to booking a place, consider your requirements carefully and ask plenty of questions. Don’t be disappointed. Ensure you enjoy a healthy and happy holiday.

Consider any challenges that are likely to arise when travelling to your chosen destination as well as those concerns that can crop up as part of your everyday routine. If travelling from an airport, it’s important to know that your needs will be met. 

Many operators are well versed in accommodating passengers with limited mobility. It’s crucial to inform an airline of any special requirements well in advance to ensure you receive adequate assistance during the check-in process and upon arrival at your destination. Likewise, transfer transport also needs to be appropriate and it’s important that your chosen operator pays attention to detail. 

Whatever your accommodation, ensure it will be sufficiently equipped to guarantee a comfortable and convenient stay. From an appropriately adapted hotel room to a self-catering cottage complete with a home stairlift, professional holiday providers should be able to address any concerns. 

If you prefer to hire equipment for use at your destination, confirm that whatever you need, will be available and fit for purpose. It’s also worth doing some homework about the area or resort that you’ll be visiting. Finding out whether there are any adapted leisure facilities, such as a swimming pool with a lift will provide additional peace of mind prior to departure.

If you’re planning on booking escorted excursions, ask as many questions as necessary to alleviate your concerns. From something as simple as the number of stairs you’ll need to climb to reach an attraction to the availability of on-site ramps and appropriate toilet facilities, ensure you have all the information you need for an enjoyable visit.

Check that any special dietary requirements can be accommodated too and arm yourself with information about local medical facilities. Gain as much advance knowledge as you need to feel comfortable about going away. For additional peace of mind, request written confirmation of all your additional requirements prior to booking. Then, just ensure all parties are prepared for a happy and healthy holiday!


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