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Essential London markets

London is a huge city. It is 607 square kilometres in size and within Greater London there are over eight million people. If you take the whole metropolitan area into account, it is the largest in Europe and between 12 and 14 million people call it home.

However, what makes London unique when compared to other large cities is that it’s made up of a collection of villages and towns. As London grew, it engulfed the surrounded settlements, but rather than loosing their identity, these locales held onto it, strongly.

Since then, the neighbourhoods of London have blossomed unique, and in part, independently from the core. There are at the same time, individual and akin. One of the best things to come out of this village-like London are the markets. London has some outstanding markets and most tend to specialise in just one or two areas. Here we have put together a round up of the best markets in London.

Food: Borough Market

When it comes to food, there is no place better than Borough Market. There are stalls selling the freshest ingredients you are likely to find in the capital and even the city’s top chefs come here to buy their produce. At the same time, there are stalls selling tantalising tapas, cheeses to die for and crème caramels that melt in the mouth. You can pick and choose your way through the street food, or sit down at one of the numerous cafes and feel as part of London as any Londoner does.&

Flowers: Columbia Road

Every Sunday morning, this otherwise drab road in East London is awash with colour. This is one of London’s most traditional markets and you’ll hear sellers bellowing for your trade with the best deals of the day. The flowers and plants are of a high quality but remain affordable. If you’re on holiday and don’t want to buy a bunch of roses, this is still a great market to stroll through.

Shopping: Spitalfields

This, along with Portobello is probably London’s most famous market. It is one of the best too, but it has become a victim of its own success. So, do as the locals do and avoid it at weekends. Instead head down on a Thursday to peruse vintage and second-hand fashion as well as threads from new designs. You’re also likely to spot a celeb or two.

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