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London 2012: The World Shakespeare Festival

On Monday, April 23rd we celebrated one more anniversary of Shakespeare. An April 23rd, but back in 1564, William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, 35 miles south of Birmingham. He would later become a historically renowned playwright, poet and actor.

In 2012, on the 448th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, London organizes the World Shakespeare Festlival, part of the London Festival taking place this season on the occasion of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of London 2012. We strongly advice you to book your London flights in advance for such a major event.

What is the World Shakespeare Festival?

The World Shakespeare Festival is a celebration of Shakespeare as a playwright in the world. This is a production of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), in an unprecedented collaboration with leading arts organizations in the UK and the whole world, in addition to "Globe to Globe," an international program by the Shakespeare Globe theater in London.

What activities will take place as part of the Festival?

To celebrate the opening of the World Shakespeare Festival as part of London 2012, CSR offers 2.012 tickets for just £ 12 each. Thus you will be able to enjoy works like a classic version of Romeo and Juliet by the Iraqi Theatre Company in Baghdad: "Romeo and Juliet in Baghdad," which begins this week, on April 26 and runs until the 5th of May. Set amidst the tensions of the Sunni-Shia in Iraq, this play promises to be one of the most outstanding works of the festival.

The Shakespeare Globe also offers all the 37 plays of Shakespeare in 37 languages, with shows taking place in the next six weeks. Thus, this Wednesday and Thursday an African recreates "The Merry Wives of Windsor" and this weekend China's National Theatre will perform "Richard III". There will also be a version of "Cymbeline" interpreted by players from the newest country in the world: the Republic of South Sudan.

Other options include classics like "A Midsummer Night Dream," "Pericles," "Julius Caesar", "Othello" and many others, sometimes with prices starting at just £ 5 for popular seats.

How can I get my tickets for the World Shakespeare Festival?

Tickets are on sale online at the website of CSR:

Also from this Thursday, 26 of April, the complete program of the London Festival 2012, which includes the World Shakespeare Festival, will be posted on the official website of London 2012.

Where can I stay in London during the Festival?

If you are visiting the city of London during the Festival of London 2012, the Olympic and Paralympic Games of London 2012 or the World Shakespeare Festival which is now already starting, you must hurry to find suitable accommodation for a good fare.

If you were unable to book well in advance and are only now figuring out where you will be staying when you visit the city of London in the next days, we advise you to visit apartment rental websites, where you can find all types of accommodation offered by their private owners rather than companies. This is an interesting alternative to hotels, as you will find a great array of luxury apartments in London, with excellent locations where you will miss nothing of the World Shakespeare Festival or the many events taking place in London in the coming days.

These websites give you several options: private or shared apartments, or even rooms, adapted to every pocket, preferences and needs. If you are planning to visit the City of London, apartment rental websites are, undoubtedly, an excellent alternative. Check the following link for other tours in London.

Enjoy culture, enjoy London!

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