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London Pubs & Bars

Join the relaxed journeys, always with a good excuse to meet and celebrate at pubs and bars in London.

Sherlock Holmes Pub
London Pub
London Soho Pub
 Absolut Ice Bar

London pubs are one of the most ancient in the world. Some of the oldest pubs were built in the 16th century, beginning a tradition that endures till nowadays. There are pubs that save unique histories between its walls, events, and memories of very famous customers along the history.

Most of the pubs keep a British architecture and a traditional cultural environment. It is very common to go for a pint at the pub after work, and some events such as football or rugby matches are also a good excuse. Delicious national or international beers (dispensed from hand-pumps which are cool but not chilled), wine, whisky and gin are the most popular drinks at London’s pubs. However, you may ask for soft drinks if that is what you are looking for.

London pubs could be very noisy sometimes, but don’t worry about the environment, everyone must have a good time and feel like “at home”. You may ask for your drink at the bar, don’t wait to be served at the table. It is not common to leave tips at London pubs, but if the service is good, customers sometimes say “keep the change”. Smoking is forbidden inside the pubs.

During weekdays there could be found very good deals at the pubs. Some money-off deals could be: happy hours (in general between 17:00 – 19:00 hours), student’s nights, and some special promotions that are shown outside the pubs. These options could contribute to your budget, especially when paying with credit card that could turn into a dangerous cash run out journey.

In general London’s pubs offer gastronomic facilities, from snacks to large meals and desserts. Pubs are less formal than restaurants, but cheaper too. Usually pubs are open till 23:00 hours, but some pubs could offer after-hours drinking services. You must pay attention to the bar tender that will announce the “last orders” to remind you should get your last drink in.

London pubs:

Albert - Albion - Alma Tavern - Anchor - Anchor Tap - Angel - Anglesea Arms - Antelope - Argyll Arms - Assembly House - Audley - Bell - Bell and Crown - Black Friar - Black Lion - Blue Posts - Bull and Gate - Bull's Head - Bull's Head - Camden Head - Captain Kidd - Cardinal - Cask and Glass - Champion - Churchill Arms - Cittie of Yorke - City Barge - Clachan - Coach & Horses - Coal Hole - Cockpit - Colton Arms - Cricketers - Crocker's (The Crown) - Cross Keys - Crown - Crown & Greyhound - Crown and Sugar - Cutty Sark - Dartmouth Arms - Dirty Dicks - Dog & Bull - Dog and Duck - Dove - Dover Castle - Drapers Arms - Duke of Hamilton - Duke of Kent - Duke of Wellington - Duke's Head - Ealing Park Tavern - Earl of Lonsdale - Elgin - Express Tavern - Fallow Buck - Fitzroy Tavern - Flask - Fox & Anchor - Fox & Goose - Fox & Hounds - Fox & Pheasant - Freemasons - George - Golden Lion - Grapes - Green Man - Grenadier - Greyhound - Guinea - Hand and Shears - Harp - Holly Bush - Hoop and Grapes - Horse and Groom - Horse and Groom - Horseshoe Inn - Jerusalem Tavern - Junction Tavern - King and Tinker - King's Arms - King's Head - Knights Templar - Ladbroke Arms - Lamb - Leather Bottle - London Apprentice - Lord Moon Of The Mall - Market Porter - Mayflower - Mitre - Morpeth Arms - Museum Tavern - Nag's Head - Nell Gwynne Tavern - Old Bank of England - Old Bell - Old Pack Horse - Old Shades - Olde Cheshire Cheese - Olde Cock Tavern - Olde Mitre Tavern - Olde White Bear - Opera Tavern - Oxford - Pied Bull - Pineapple - Plumbers Arms - Pontefract Castle - Prince Alfred - Princess Louise - Prospect of Whitby - Punch Bowl - Punch Tavern - Queen's Larder - Red Lion - Richard I - Rising Sun - Rose & Crown - Royal Oak - Salisbury - Seven Stars - Sherlock Holmes - Ship - Ship and Shovell - Spaniards Inn - Spread Eagle - St. Stephen's Tavern - Star Tavern - Swan  Ship Tavern - Three Kings - Tipperary - Tom Cribb - Tottenham - Town of Ramsgate - Trafalgar Tavern - Viaduct Tavern - Victoria - Warrington Hotel - Waterman's Arms - Westminster Arms - Wheatsheaf - White Cross - White Hart - White Swan - Windmill on the Common - Windsor Castle

For more information about pubs, bars and nightlife in London, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.


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