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Camden Town


Located in Northern London, Camden Town is a city district where arts and popular expressions command.

Even though the place was an isolated and dangerous bunch of farms frequented by highwaymen, nowadays it has a liberal attitude and a cosmopolitan atmosphere which is the result several immigrants’ settings beginning on the late 19th century (Irish) and all along the 20th century (Greek, Cypriot and Hindu among others).

It is famous for its colorful street markets where the quotidian and the bizarre meet. Fruits and vegetables, handcrafts, board games, antiques, books and alternative clothing are only part of the wide variety of goods offered on the different markets among which the most remarkable is Camden Lock. Moreover, it is common to see young cultural expressions of different urban groups such as punks, darks, gothic, rockers, and other communities with different styles walking through the streets showing their different looks mainly differenced by their clothes and hair cuts. The tattoo and piercing shops are also very common in the area.

Other highlighted spots in Camden Town are: the Regent’s Canal, the Roundhouse Theatre (music venue often associated with the Punk and Gothic cultures) and Camden Square.

Camden Town is also a good destination for those looking for nightlife. Among its numerous pubs and nightclubs there is a perfect place for each preference. From an 18th century pub (The World’s End) to electronic clubs and live shows of rock and jazz, can be joined at this exotic neighborhood. All these complemented with the world’s cuisine gives the perfect excuse for a night/day out in Camden Town.

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