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London is a major financial centre and the economic engine of the UK. It generates more than 17% of UK’s GDP, with a dynamic economy that produces hundreds of billions per year. As capital city of the British Empire, historically London was a financial and commercial centre, introducing a business culture among its inhabitants.

The City of London is a small area that provides a friendly business environment, which attracts  headquarters of international financial firms, recognized investors and thousands of qualified employees that represent broking, insurance, legal, real estate, private banking, hedge funds, consultancy and other industries.

The official currency is the British pound (£). UK did not adopt the Euro, and actually the GBP is tone of the most powerful currencies in the world, comparing with the USD and Euro exchange rates. London presents one of the most recognized stock markets worldwide, alternating in importance with both Tokyo and New Yorkstock markets.

Lot of international service-provider firms settle branches in London every year due to the language, the political and economic stability, the regulations and tax benefits, the good transport infrastructure, the estrategic location, among others.

London’s powerful economy promotes an emerging labor environment, where both employers and employees could find very attractive opportunities. Employers could find multicultural high qualified people with different skills, while employees could benefit from the high salaries and the prestige of working for renowned international firms.

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