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England is home of the first football games in the world’s history. It is the country that defined footballrules and from where the first football teams emerged. Football is the most popular sport in UK, and inLondon people enjoy it in a very intense way.


London has world renowned football teams that have succeed throughout history. Although Arsenal FC andChelsea FC are currently the most powerful institutions of London, other football teams such as Fulham,Tottenham Hotspurs and West Ham United have loyal supporters and demonstrate a competitive level.

London stadiums

Football clubs compete at the “Premier League”, also known as “The Premiership”, which is the most competitive category of British football. London stadiums are amazing football scenarios, with top stadiums such as Emirates Stadium, Stamford Bridge and the mythical Wembley, home stadium of the English National football team.

The London most popular stadiums are:

Emirates Stadium
Club: Arsenal FC
Foundation: 1886
Capacity: 60.400 seats
Address: Highbury House, 75 Drayton Park, Londres, N5 1BU

Stamford Bridge
Club: Chelsea FC
Foundation: 1905
Capacity: 42,500 seats
Address: Fulham Road, SW6 1HS

White Hart Lane
Club: Tottenham Hotspur
Foundation: 1882
Capacity: 36.000 seats
Address: 748 High Road, Tottenham, N17 0AP

Craven Cottage
Club: Fulham FC
Foundation: 1879
Capacity: 22.000 seats
Address: Stevenage Road, Fulham, SW6 6HH

Boleyn Ground
Club: West Ham United FC
Foundation: 1895
Capacity: 36.000 seats
Address: Green St, Upton Park, E13 9AZ

English National football team
Foundation: 1880 / reconstructed in 2007
Capacity: 90.000 seats
Address: Wembley, Londres, HA9 0WS


Great football matches can be joined at London’s main competitions such as the Premier League, the UEFA Champions League and the England National football team games. Most of the matches played in London are Premier League disputes. This championship emerged in 1992 when it get separated from the “Football League First Division”, at that time the most competitive championship between English clubs.

In the Premier League’s history, only 4 clubs have successfully been champions: Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea and Manchester United.

Teams Premier League Other Leagues
Total Titles
Manchester United FC 11 18 29
Liverpool FC - 18 18
Arsenal FC 3 13 16
Everton FC - 9 9
Aston Villa FC - 7 7
Sunderland FC - 6 6
Newcastle United FC - 4 4
Sheffield Wednesday FC - 4 4
Chelsea FC 4 3 5
Blackburn Rovers FC 1 3 4
Wolverhampton Wanderers FC - 3 3
Leeds United FC - 3 3
Huddersfield Town FC - 3 3
Preston North End FC - 2 2
Tottenham Hotspur FC - 2 2
Manchester City FC - 2 2
Burnley FC - 2 2
Derby Country FC - 2 2
Porthmouth FC - 2 2
Sheffield United FC - 1 1
Nottingham Forest FC - 1 1


London derbies

Most of London derbies are related to a neighbor rivalry. Some of the most popular derbies in London are:

Northen debry: Two powerful institutions such as Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs dispute one of the oldest and most competitive derbies of the country.

Western derby: Chelsea and Fulham have increased their rivalry during the last years, as consequence of Fulham presence at Premier League competitions since 2001. Queens Park Rangers is other traditional opponent in this area, but it is playing in the second division since 1996. However, its supporters are very passionate and remain the rivalry every year.

Other derbies are Charlton Athletic vs Cristal Palace, and Millwall vs West Ham United. However, as they have been playing in different categories, they haven’t faced each other during the last years.

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Article last updated on Jan 2012


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