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Getting the family home ready for the World Cup

With Brazil 2014 fever well and truly gripping the country, it can be tempting to favour quality family time in favour of watching the game down the pub with your mates; cold pint in hand.
However, big national events like sports tournaments and national holidays are a great way to get all the generations together and enjoy some really memorable time as a family. Here are our tips for transforming your home into a football stadium fit for the World Cup!
Pick your teams
To get your family home football ready, why not encourage a bit of friendly competition? You can write the names of all the competing teams down on strips of paper then invite all your family members to select teams to support for the duration of the competition. To really get into the spirit, make decorations in the colours of your chosen teams and plan family match nights to watch all their important games.
Explore new cultures
The World Cup is a fantastic opportunity to teach your children about other countries and cultures, so why not take inspiration from the teams that are playing that week to teach key words and phrases in a foreign language, or cook up some delicious traditional dishes from another country’s native cuisine?
For a wide selection of educational games and activities themed around the World Cup, check out the printable resources available here.
Make sure you’re sitting comfortably
Now that the scene is set, you’ll want to make sure you can watch all the matches in comfort. To create a really special atmosphere, why not invest in a projector? It will create a ‘cinema’ atmosphere and make the event seem much more special than just an afternoon in front of the TV.
All you need to do is string up a white bed sheet to act as a screen, and attach black fabric to your windows to block out the light. You can also hook the system up to speakers for surround sound effects that will make you feel like you’re in the centre of the action.
Share the experience with everyone
At big times of celebration like the World Cup, it’s important to make sure the older generations are included too. At McCarthy and Stone’s retirement properties, residents can gather with other football fans in communal lounges and bond over their love for their favourite teams.
If you’ve got a football-mad older relative that’s thinking about moving but doesn’t want to miss out on all the fun then use Wikipedia to find out more about McCarthy and Stone and see if this is something they’d be interested in.


Author: joinengland

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