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Hottest travel apps in 2015


If you are on holidays, travel apps are a great way of accessing the tourist and travel information you need on the go. There is no shortage of travel apps available, and some are proving particularly popular in 2015. Here is a brief overview of just four, with two specifically focused on London.

London Official Events Guide: What’s On?

This app has the official Visit London team backing it up, so you know you can rely on it for up-to-date listings on what is on across the UK capital. Better still, it works offline for those times when you can’t access the web or you are trying to avoid data charges. The app includes reviews for cafes, bars and restaurants. Users can plan their route for the day and follow it using the app. You can apply filters, such as “free” and “must see” to ensure that you see those places you really want to visit. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Tube Map

Think of transport in London and you are going to think about the Tube. The London Underground covers the centre of the city and beyond and is a great way of accessing some of London’s must-see places. The Tube Map app works offline and can be used as a journey planner. The Tube is intricately designed, and for those not familiar with how it works, the different routes and lines can seem daunting at first, so anything that helps you with your Tube journey is to be embraced. Add in the convenience of an app on your phone screen and getting from A to B on the Underground becomes easy. The free app has iOS and Android options.


This is a great idea for an app, with a tag that states it is aiming to be “more than a guidebook.” Focusing on local experiences in particular places, the app – there is a website too – hosts recommendations from people living in the cities it showcases. As a result, it contains much that is offbeat. Each contributor has a profile listing his or her own interests. Contributors are paid, but the app aims to offer recommendations that read more like an email you would send to a friend travelling to your locality with suggestions for places to see and things to do. The Localeur app is for Android and iOS.


You might not think of the social media platform as a travel app, but that would be to think of its possibilities in distinctly limited terms. Instagram is a great way to share images of your travels, of course, but it also hosts accounts by travel bloggers who use the platform to share their experiences with others, offering personal insights into destinations that you may not necessarily get in the official guides or guidebooks. Again, there are Android and iOS options.

If you want the latest news on travel apps and which ones are making an impact, then be sure to check out a relevant online technology news site for reviews and discussions of app platforms.

The next time you find yourself on holiday, remember to bring along some of the latest travel apps for a more enjoyable trip. Travel apps are so convenient, allowing you to access information as and when you need it.


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