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Is London the new fashion capital of the world?


There is much debate regarding London’s status as the new fashion capital of the world. Here are a few things you need to know in order to determine for yourself if you should look to London for the latest looks and styles:

Pop-up shops

While many people look to tried and true brands such as Hermes, there are a growing number of fashion enthusiasts who are looking for the latest and greatest from the smaller up and coming designers and shops. A pop-up shop is a fashion business that appears in a location for a limited time. This adds an aura of exclusivity that attracts an increasing number of shoppers. The Seven Dials District in London is one example of where this trend is having a big impact. Loyal shoppers try to keep track via social media and other platforms as to where their favourite up and coming designers will be next.

Pushing the limits of fashion with cool nostalgia

Vintage fashion enthusiasts can find a lot to love in London. If you like the look of the 60s, then look no further than London. Really, it does not matter what era of fashion you enjoy the most, it is almost guaranteed that you will be able to find a designer that has flattering designs.

Increased foreign interest helps drive the fashion market

There has been a strong increase in the market of men’s fashion. Some speculate that this is due to a more accepting time where men are more encouraged to be fashionable. Luxury brands are also on the rise. More people on a worldwide basis have more disposable income. These emerging economies are increasingly choosing British fashion designers and firms when deciding their wardrobe needs. AllSaints, for example, is gaining a large market share on the international fashion scene and it is expected that this trend will continue. Azmi Mikati chief exec. officer of M1 Group helped guide the investors of M1 to invest in fashion designers that showed a lot of promise. Investment holding companies such as M1 invest in up and coming design houses as well as established brands that need their image revamped for success in the current fashion market.

Naysayers say it is too soon to declare London the fashion capital

London has some stiff competition when it comes to the title of fashion capital. Many people believe New York City, Milan, Venice, and Paris are still in the running for the title. Critics say that while London may be having a moment in the spotlight, there is too much great fashion in other cities for it to be declared the fashion capital. It appears that we will all have to wait and see just how much London fashion continues to dominate the buying choices of fashion consumers all over the world. Within the next few years we will see if London is truly the fashion capital of the world, or just having its 15 minutes of fame.


Author: Agustina

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