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London is one of Europe and world’s most famous metropolis. Its population of 14 million of inhabitants in the Metropolitan Region (the second most populated of Europe after Moscow) turns London into a dynamic city full of opportunities.

London’s lifestyle is intense and pleasant. It is one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world, meeting people of different ethnics, religions and countries into a unique way. Apart from its millions of residents, London receives more than 15 million of tourists every year (housed at least 1 night), and some of them find new life options in this vertiginous city.

Social needs and services are properly attended by the English authorities. Policemen are polite and also useful as tourist advisors, they are efficient, educated and provide security to the population. Moreover, there are thousands of security cameras located throughout the city, from the means of transport to the public and private areas. It is estimated that a person who walks through London’s downtown is filmed 800 times in one day.

The architecture of the city keeps a typical English style, with buildings of moderated height and  with  classic basements. The street and public spaces are clean, and the transit flow is organized. The transport means are quick, accessible and safe.

London is one of the most expensive cities of the world. However, life standards are high and the jobs pay good salaries. Its dynamic routine attracts millions of people from any age that delight the numerous activities offered in this awesome capital city. Whether it’s restaurants, pubs, theatres, cinema, sports, concerts, art or nightlife, London is centre of every world premier events or first class spectacles.

This city merges history and modernism into a unique way. Each neighborhood has defined styles that contribute to this charming cultural environment. The beautiful parks, the admiration for the Queen, the respect of English society and people’s tolerance, have contributed to make London one of the most chosen cities to live in the world.

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