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London Eye


Located in the Southern Bank of the Thames River, the London Eye is a Ferris wheel that has became an iconic landmark of modern London. From its glass observation capsules adventured passengers can see up to 40 km in a 360° direction.

The London Eye is worldwide recognized as a stunning work of engineering and has received different national and international awards.

Basic features:

•    Height: 135 m. It’s the 4th tallest structure in London.
•    Capsules: 32 glass capsules fixed outside the main rim, which grants a 360° view.
•    Rotation: Each rotation takes 30 minutes.
•    Speed: 26 cm per second.
•    Construction efforts: More than a hundred people from 5 different countries worked during 7 years to make London Eye a reality.

The London Eye is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe and the 3rd tallest in the world, attracting  more than 3.5 million people every year, who have made the London Eye, the most popular visitor paid attraction in all the country.

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