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London on a budget


London is often listed as the most expensive city in the world, but with its rich culture, heritage, history and attractions, it would be a shame to skip it when compiling your destination list just because of its price tag.

Here are a few tips to help cut back on costs when travelling to London:

Getting there

Before you head to the incredible capital, make sure to check with an array of airlines to make sure you are getting the best deal around. Make sure the flights depart at a convenient time and from a convenient location for you to avoid extortionate costs travelling to your departure airport. Trying airlines such as Condor is highly recommended and may offer considerable savings over larger outfits.

Where to stay

Hostels may have a bad reputation but a lot of them are genuinely nice places to stay and they can work out to be a lot cheaper than hotels. Consider all of your accommodation options and figure out what would work best for your needs – would it be cheaper for you to be self-catered or all-inclusive?

You can also consider staying slightly outside of Central London to cut back on costs too. London’s public transport system is known for being cheap and efficient so getting around won’t be an issue if you choose this option.

Getting around

The novelty of getting into an iconic black cab or on a rickshaw in Covent Garden will soon wear off when you get charged at the end of your trip! For affordable travel, take the Tube where necessary but also think about using the busses which are cheap and cheerful.

Alternatively, if visiting tourist attractions in the city centre then you may want to give walking between sites a go. The main attractions are a lot more easily accessible on foot than you may think and there are plenty of maps around to help you get your bearings.

What to do

London has some of the most incredible galleries in the world, and best of all, a lot of them are free! It also has a huge array of parks scattered across the capital which offer a respite from the hustle and bustle of the streets and are great for those who want to experience authentic London without spending a fortune.

For food, shopping and other items, head to one of the many markets around the city such as the Portobello or Camden markets. You’ll find some great bargains and will love the vibrant atmospheres.



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