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London’s Secretive Streets: 5 Hidden Eating Venues in UK’s Capital



London happens to be just the place to be when you are in the mood for good food. In fact, the city is a paradise for foodies as there are so many cool nooks and crannies that are yet to be explored. If you think that London can’t get any more adventurous, you should head out to one of those secret restaurants for your next meal or when you are interested in a nice place to go to for a drink.

La Bodega Negra, 9 Old Compton Street, W1

La Bodega Negra is not hard to find and it is actually in plain sight or so you thought until you see that the place is more than just a sex shop as there is also a restaurant where you can enjoy Mexican fare. Located at La Esquina, it’s easy to spot this place. Be sure to tell the shop assistant that you have made reservations so you will be ushered to the cellar. Here, you can usually find a hip crowd and the walls are full of vintage posters. Once you are done with dinner, you can start rocking on the dance floor. If there’s one thing you want to try from the ceviche bar, sample the octopus el Negro.

Back in 5 Minutes, 224 Brick Lane, London, E1

In some establishments, foods and drinks are not allowed when you are in a clothing shop but you will be surprised when you see what’s waiting for you behind the curtains. The Disappearing Dinner Club transforms the place to dine on Wednesdays and you can expect but the most sophisticated European cuisine. But be sure to time your visit with care so you can do something which isn’t too ordinary.

Gremio de Brixton, Brixton

Whether you are big on religion or not, it would be nice to go to church, specifically Brixton’s St. Matthew’s Church. But, you don’t really have to enter the main door. Instead, go through the gate at the side. Although the gate looks really creepy, don’t hesitate to come inside and head down to the basement. From here on out, you will surely be delighted by Spanish tapas. The interior of the place is a mix of exposed bricks, melting candles. The place also features a menu that is quite big and it includes fantastic vegetable meals, cured meat and there’s grilled fish.

Evans & Peel Detective Agency, 310c Earl’s Court Road London SW5

This basement bar which is easily accessible from Earl’s Court Road is a cool place to feel the speakeasy trend. The place actually advertises how secretive it is but it isn’t enough to ruin the fun. You can take the ruse quite seriously as you enter the place. Plus, there is a chap sitting behind a desk who will inquire as to the name you used for the appointment and some specifics about the case. The place is really dark though and it can be a bit hard to enjoy your food while here. But, if you are up for drinks, this is just the place to be.

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, The BC, 12 Artillery Lane Spitalfields East London, E1

Speakeasy bars are getting more popular in London and if you know one of these places, it would certainly be cool. You could head off to The Breakfast Club where everything seems normal but there’s actually something quite extraordinary about this place. Just ask for the mayor and follow instructions, even if it means going through a fridge. There is actually an intimate cocktail bar with a fine collection of drinks and there’s also great music.


Author: Agustina

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