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Science Museum


Located in South Kensington, the Science Museum is a major tourist attraction due to its awesome collections related to science and technology. With more than 300,000 objects in its care, it illustrates the evolution of technology over the centuries but with particular emphasis in the history of Western science, technology and medicine.

Objects that encouraged changes in history such as the first jet engine, a reconstruction of Crick and Watson’s model of DNA, IMAX 3D Cinema and documentation on the first typewriter, are some highlights of the Science Museum’s collections.

Main Collections:

Science: Contains objects from different centuries that were used for experimentation and analysis in astronomy and cosmology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, earth sciences, natural history, natural philosophy, navigation, surveying, time and measures.

Medicine: Represents scientific, social and cultural aspects of medicine. Its objects are amongst the world’s most comprehensive collections in the subject.

ICT: Learn how the storage and communication of information have evolved along human history by exploring electronics, computing, media technologies, networks, printing, radio, sound reproduction, telephony, satellites and software.

Engineering Technologies: The collection of objects recording the Industrial Revolution is unique and a real representation of Britain’s science and economic evolution. Other remarkable collections are the ones on transport technologies and environmental technologies.

Even though having a strict scientific rigor, different kinds of people enjoy the museum everyday. Its interactive presentations, friendly explanations of scientific facts, the science library and the different activities (including activities for children such as a pyjama party at the museum) which are often organized make the Science Museum a very interesting place to visit when traveling to London.

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