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Seeing Pubs in a Different Light: 7 London Public Houses that Makes Your Trip worth It


Pubs, short for public houses happen to be one of the best things about London. Although some of these old drinking dens already have had a makeover, they remain to be a cozy place to grab a drink and a meal. Even the experience of going to a pub can change ever so often as the atmosphere is often tied up to the staff. Nevertheless, some of these pubs are worth visiting whether for the ambiance or simply out of curiosity. Here’s a good pick from a bunch of pubs that are scattered in London’s streets.


The Carpenter’s Arms, 91 Black Lion Lane W6

For some place with a quiet atmosphere, this pub is a must visit. In fact, the silence adds up to its appeal and the food here is just simple British food which is served with a dozen of wine varieties. This place is quite unpretentious too making it a comfortable place for anyone.


George Inn, 77 Borough High Street SE1

Coaching inns used to be quite popular in London, but these days, they have dwindled in number. This coaching inn that serves the route to Canterbury is among the last and ownership of this place has been transferred to the National Trust. The place has so much character and it is a maze of small rooms which is so much fun to explore. The place is usually packed in summer and the outside tables are filled with drinkers.


Harwood Arms, 27 Walham Grove SW6

Michelin stars are not just for elegant places to dine, they are also available for pubs. In fact, this pub’s chef, Stephen Williams, was the first one to win a Michelin Star for a pub. The owner of the place, Mike Robinson hunts the deer which is served on the menu. His Berkshire home is also the source for the pub’s truffles, now isn’t that amazing?


Ye Olde Mitre Tavern, 1 Ely Court EC1

This place is not that easy to find but locating it is certainly worth the effort. Opening its doors in 1546, so much has happened in this place more than just serving beer and ale. There is a cherry tree located just outside the bar and it was said that Queen Elizabeth I danced around this tree. This place is pretty much popular for its toasted sandwiches and the best beers. But, the place is pretty basic and it means no music, TV or electronic games.


Princess Victoria, 217 Uxbridge Road W12

If you have a fascination for chips, you will love the thrice cooked chips here which are deemed to be one of the best in the city. This is a Victorian pub which was given a makeover. You can expect simple food served at pubs from the menu although the list for wines is quite bold and combined with its cool ambiance, it is one of those places that warrant a visit.


The Black Friar, 174 Queen Victoria Street EC4

For a dose of art in a pub ambiance, it would be perfect to drop by The Black Friar which stands near a Dominican Priory built during the 13th century and it features an extravagant display of Art Noveau. The ale here is quite excellent the walls have a cool combination. The bar here looks like something you find in church, making it quite impressive and certainly interesting to a lot of visitors.


Lamb & Flag, Rose Street, London WC2E 9EB

Now for the classics, a Covent Garden institution should also be on your itinerary. This 1623 pub used to be known as the Bucket of Blood as the courtyards used to be a venue for bare-knuckled fighting. The place is famous for its English food and the whiskey. Plus, it used to be a favorite hangout of Charles Dickens.


Author: Agustina

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