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Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Bath from London


You can’t miss this opportunity of seeing much more than London itself. This day trip from London includes entrance to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Bath’s Roman Baths and Pump Rooms.

Your tour starts at the home of the Royal Family for 900 years, the Windsor Castle, which is the world’s largest and oldest occupied castle. This tour includes the State Apartments and St. George’s Chapel, as well as the beautiful town that has grown up around the walls of the Castle. You will also witness the colorful Changing of the Guard.

Traveling further back in time, 5000 years ago, you will visit Stonehenge, near Salisbury, where a collection of stones was dragged to this lonely and charming plain. Stonehenge just continues to attract the attention and imagination of every visitor, as nobody knows who built it or why it was built. You will be impressed with this intriguing stones and the beautiful landscapes that surround them.

Lately, you will visit Bath, England’s most beautiful Georgian city. This tour to bath includes the Abbey and Pulteney Bridge, where you will get charmed by the beautiful proportion of the town’s urban landscapes. Finally, you will tour the Roman Baths, the best preserved Roman spa from the ancient world.

If you are planning to do tourism in London but you feel like visitng more than this popular capital city, just consider this tour from London to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath.


Author: joinengland

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