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The Best Drinks Destinations in London


Living and working in London is thirsty work. And when you get thirsty, you need something to drink. Here are five of the best places to go when you need to slake your thirst.

The Wine Mission

Nestled in a Bethnal Green railway arch is The Mission. Where once you might visit a prostitute, you can now sit and have a delicious glass of wine and a meal. With wooden panels and a palm tree inside as well as outdoor space, it is a gorgeous place to look at. The wines on offer too do not disappoint, as although the wine list is short, they change often.

Craft Beer

If it’s a pub you’re after, then don’t worry – there’s lots to quench your thirst. The Southampton Arms comes highly recommended by many brewers themselves, offering 18 handpulls full of ale and cider. They only offer beer from small independent UK breweries, making them a unique pub.

The Bar With No Name

69 Colebrooke Row is the first bar open by Tony Coniglario – a cocktail mixing genius. You have to book ahead, and it’s only identifiable by the lantern outside, but you’ll feel like you’re a femme fatale or a PI in a film noir scene with the décor of the bar and the cocktails you’ll be drinking. The cocktails use ingredients developed in Drink Factory – a research lab – so your cocktail is undeniably unique.

Taylor St Coffee

A place for “real coffee lovers” there are several Taylor Sts around London, so if you spot one, you should definitely head in. With a trading model called Direct Trade, they know exactly where their coffee is coming from, and they have a business relationship with their farmers that means they will get paid fairly for their quality coffee. Their baristas are treated like chefs and trained properly in the art of coffee making, so you know that you’re going to get a good cup of coffee at Taylor St. Take a look at some other top picks of coffee shops in London from Landmark.

Roots and Bulbs

If you’re looking for something a tad healthier, then it’s a juice bar for you. And in London, there are lots to choose from. However, Roots and Bulbs takes it back to basics. One of the first cold pressed juice bars in the UK, the menu includes three carrot based juices and three greens based juices. The smoothies are great too, with Gym Freak the perfect drink for post-workout replenishment.


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