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Three Cities That Every London Lover Should Visit


London is a place like no other. Cosmopolitan, chic, and captivating, its fast-paced lifestyle offers opportunities and excitement galore. Its tree-lined avenues ring with the sound of laughter, and bright lights twinkle on every street corner. A mecca of coffee shops and boutique emporiums, it is a city of dreams for those that seek entertainment, exhilaration, and sophistication.

Yet this need to see and do often translates into wanderlust, and the streets of London shouldn’t be the limits of your horizon. If you love Britain’s capital but want to explore somewhere new and different, here are three more cities that you’re guaranteed to love…

#1: New York

For those who enjoy a chic, cosmopolitan lifestyle, New York is a paradisiacal haven. The perfect place for romance, entertainment, and shopping, it is a city that never sleeps, and offers an action-packed itinerary for the erstwhile traveller. Whether you’re yearning for art, culture, parties, or glamour, its brightly lit streets are sure to delight. Autumn and winter are the best times to visit, offering a wonderland of bright lights, frozen landscapes, and magical window displays. Could New York at Christmas be the perfect destination for you?

#2: Paris

For the sophisticated ingénue and the elegant professional, Paris is another of Europe’s most glorious capitals. Lauded throughout the centuries as a centre for art, fashion, and enlightenment, it is also one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. For a holiday that delights, book a trip and spend some time strolling down its decadent boulevards. Pop into elegant boutiques to sample the latest trends, before dining on some exquisite Parisian cuisine. Don’t forget to devote another day to its cultural highlights, from the world-renowned Louvre to the soaring beauty of the Eiffel Tower. If you’re looking for a city for the sophisticated, the French capital is it.

#3: Milan

One of the great pleasures of London living is the array of shops and fashionable boutiques that stretch in every direction, and for the fashion-savvy who enjoy them, Milan is the place to be. Widely considered to be the fashion capital of Europe, it is also one of Italy’s oldest and most beautiful cities. With soaring colonnades and decadent palazzos lining its streets, it offers materialistic delights mingled with a dose of high culture. Dine on the local cuisine and drink up its most ostentatious offerings by booking a trip today.

Where will you choose to visit?


Author: joinengland

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