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Touring Britain’s historical engineering heritage


Britain has a strong engineering heritage that is well worth a tour by the avid traveller. There are a few things to consider when visiting the engineering marvels that you can experience on a tour of Britain, and you will want to be sure to make time on your next holiday to visit a variety of exciting locations.

A blast to the past

bru industrial

Britain’s engineering heritage dates back to the industrial revolution, at a time when key developments spurred massive changes in manufacturing methods and products available to the general public. The Royal Engineers Museum & Library has exhibits from many different eras of British engineering history. Here you will learn about the projects and travels of the Royal Corps of Engineers through engaging and informative exhibits that capture the past beautifully. At times, they display unique exhibits such as rare stereoscopic 3D pictures of the Great War, that cannot be seen anywhere else. The museum also has a vast collection of artefacts from the era of the Napoleonic Wars and the great feats of engineering of that time.

Current innovators carry on the legacy of outstanding engineering

bru meggittSir Nigel Rudd recently became the chairman of Meggitt PLC, a firm that has established itself as a forerunner in many lucrative engineering sectors such as defence and aerospace. This continues the legacy of strong British engineering for a better and more secure future. Their innovative products are available in more than 40 countries. Young people aspiring to be engineers can look to a company like Meggitt for inspiration in their career goals.


The Museum of Science and Industry is an essential destination for those interested in the exciting past of British science and engineering. The Ferranti exhibit chronicles 100 years of British engineering excellence. MOSI holds many different artefacts and photographs that will transport you back to a different time.

The Brunel Museum and Thames Tunnel

brunelThe sophisticated machinery and tools of today were not present in years gone by. Construction is far less labour intensive than it once was. The Brunel Museum at Thames Tunnel highlights the massive engineering project that is the London Underground. The Thames Tunnel holds the prestige of being the first tunnel under a major river anywhere in the world. The tunnel was created as a solution to the shipping and transport problems of the time. When the tunnel was built, a proposed bridge that could accommodate the needs of the public and the large sailing ships of the time would have to have been an astounding 100 feet tall. A tunnel was therefore deemed an easier endeavour, so the Thames Tunnel was created and enabled commerce to develop more easily.

Appreciating the past

Touring the engineering marvels of Britain will help you to appreciate all the hard work and innovation that goes into the items we take for granted every day. Children can learn a lot while on holiday if a stop is planned that incorporates the important history of British engineering prowess.


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