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Tower Bridge


The Tower Bridge is the bascule bridge that crosses the Thames River linking the Tower Hill and Bermondsey. When it was built, the Tower Bridge was the largest and most sophisticated bascule bridge ever completed.

The total height of the towers is 89.3 meters, which gives the visitors an astonishing view from its glass walkways.

When large boats need to sail under Tower Bridge, the two halves of the bridge lift up. Even though the technology used for this purpose has changed, the original engines can still be seen on the Tower Bridge exhibition. The spectacle of seeing the bridge lift up is a must when visiting London.

The Tower Bridge is not only the world’s most famous bascule bridge but also one of London’s most iconic sights delighting millions of visitors each year. Furthermore, the Tower of London stands on the North bank of Thames River, next to the Tower Bridge, making this area a must-see in London.

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