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Westminster Abbey


Located in the heart of London, close to Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey is the famous gothic church where the coronations of Kings and Queens of England are held.

But coronations are not the only important events celebrated here. Burials of monarchs, poets, scientists and other personalities have taken place in the Abbey. Over 3000 people are buried in the Church and Cloisters and there are over 600 monuments and memorials.

Some of the most famous tombs at Westminster Abbey are the Unknown Warrior’s, Queen Elizabeth I’s and Sir Isaac Newton’s, which took the protagonists of “The Da Vinci Code” to London (and thousands of its fans) when searching for the truth about the Holy Grial.

The present church was begun by Henry III in 1245, at the place where Benedictine monks had came and established a tradition of daily worship in the middle of the tenth century.

Its Gothic Vault (the highest in the country), the awesome collection of wall paintings from the 13th and 14th century and the monumental brasses make Westminster Abbey one of the most important Gothic Buildings of the country.

Some of its more remarkable architectural attractions are:

•    Henry VII Chapel

•    The 14th Century Cloisters

•    Chapter House

Another highlight of Westminster Abbey is its choir. The Choir of Westminster Abbey is worldwide renowned  as one of the finest choirs of its type. The Abbey has a Choir School where the singers are prepared to keep an excellent performance.

All days are different at Westminster Abbey. There are always different activities, from special events and festivals to lectures and debates, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the globe.

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