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Why London is the Perfect Place for your Start Up


LONDON, UK - JANUARY 27, 2015: London's panorama in sun set.As one of the easiest places to set up and run a business in Europe, there are many reasons why London is an excellent location to launch your new start up. London certainly isn’t lacking in the range of industries and job types. From tourism to public sector, and from technology to finance, there are businesses that range in size from small business to global enterprise. Not only can setting up in London add prestige to your name, but having a business in London means that you will benefit from the other businesses, large and small that are located there.

The Prestige of a London Address

In business, location is incredibly important. Having a London address is attractive because it is a well-known location, and it is easy to get to. An instantly recognisable location will always work in your favour, because as a start up, you want to build trust in your customers, and a London location means that you exist in a real place for them.

Depending on where you decide to base your business, you could be rubbing shoulders with the giants of your industry, along with other innovative start-ups and small businesses. Whether you are simply inspired by them, benefit from being in the same area just by association or you actively engage and network with other business, being physically located close by will be beneficial.

London Encourages Business

There is lots of support available for businesses in London, from financial opportunities to advice.

  • Financial support includes start-up loans and business relief for certain small businesses.
  • You could get up to £3,000 for a faster broadband connection.
  • You can apply for funding to cover training costs of apprentices.
  • The Business Support Helpline offers advice and guidance to businesses to help them launch and grow.

Take a look at the London.gov.uk site to find more information on how you can take advantage of this support.

London Attracts Graduates

London is most graduates’ first choice when it comes to employment. According to research from the Higher Education Careers Services Unit, London’s share of early employment is in the majority. Two thirds of financial analysts started their careers in London, 38% of marketing and advertising executives began in London and 23% of software engineers did too.

This means that if you’re looking to attract fresh, new talent to your business, London is the first place that they’re going to look, so that’s where you should be.


Author: Agustina

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