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Exercise Classes to Get a Quick Pump In London


When you’re busy with your life and work, working out does not become a priority. Other times, because you want to achieve your fitness goals at the shortest time possible, you search for fitness classes that offer the quickest means to get trim and fit. Several places in London are great one-stop shops to have body-conditioning classes to help you reach your goals faster.

Rather than just cardio, there are several fitness centres that offer whole body conditioning, using a variety of methods and exercises. Most of them are designed to keep you motivated and eager to exercise. Here are some of London’s great gyms to get a quick exercise class pump.

The Method

This is a 45-minute full body conditioning program offered by Third Space. The regimen uses resistance loop bands to tone core, glutes, legs and arms. The class runs on sets of three, where exercisers have to complete three exercises one after the other with very little rest in between. Quite similar to HIIT, each consecutive exercise is done at a different speed and intensity. The exercises work the muscles to maximum capacity to increase metabolism. You may only be performing three types of exercises but you will definitely feel the burn after you’ve completed the set.

Locations: There are 4 principal ‘Method’ class locations in London; Canary Wharf, Soho, Tower Bridge & Marleybone.


Barrecore offers the Signature class, a popular exercise program that also gives you a full-body workout. The special focus is on the core, seat, thighs and arms. Lightweight props, your own bodyweight and a series of high repetitions are the things that will make you feel the burn.

After a warm-up, you’ll be doing core and arm work before you move to the barre. This is when you’ll definitely feel the burn. First you will work on your lower body with squats and plies. Next is the upper body workout with pull-ups and press-ups on the barre. The class ends with a high intensity workout for the abs.

Barrecore also offers HIITCore to quickly burn fat. Also done on the barre, the exercises are mixed with sprinting on the spot and burpees.

Locations: there are 8 Barroecore locations in London, including Wandsworth, Moor Gate, Mayfair Studio, Kensington, Mayfair, Hampstead, Chiswick & Wimbledon.

Body Pump

Body Pump is one of the many exercise classes offered by Les Mills. It is a barbell-based workout that will get your body fit, lean and toned fast. During the workout you will be using light to moderate weights. What will pump you is the number of repetitions to work out your entire body. You can burn up to 540 calories with this exercise. There are instructors in the gym that will guide you through the proper techniques and moves. Set to heart-stomping music, you won’t get bored with the workout, which can last for 30, 45 or 55 minutes.

Locations: you can find a Body Pump class in one of the 350 different Les Mills exercise class locations around London.

Dynamic Pilates

Designed by Heartcore – Dynamic Pilates is a Pilates reformer class that lasts for 55 minutes. You will be using a bed-like equipment with a moving carriage, with several springs to control the different levels of resistance. You’ll also have a full body workout with Dynamic Pilates as you go through the exercises, such as crunches and lunges while on the reformer bed. It helps improve your flexibility, core strength and posture. As the
resistance level and degree of difficulty can be adjusted, Dynamic Pilates is suitable for beginners and advanced exercisers.

Locations: Heartcore has 7 locations around London; Kensington, Notting Hill, Fulham, Chelsea, City, Park Lane, St John’s Wood.


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