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Five Best Restaurants in Chinatown


If you’re in London and looking for somewhere to enjoy top quality Chinese cuisine, then naturally, Soho’s Chinatown would be a good place to start your search. This is a sentiment shared by many locals and visitors to the city. As a result, Chinatown can get a bit “touristy”, so you may fancy staying in and ordering from your local Chinese instead. But if you are prepared to wade through the throngs of tourists and head down to Soho yourself, here are five fantastic Chinatown restaurants that will cater for all of your Chinese food cravings.


It may not seem like much, aesthetically speaking and the prices might not suggest you are in for some fantastic food, but you most certainly will be. Baiwei specialise in authentic Sichuan food, but they also have a wide range of offerings from northern China and the Hunan regions, including classics like their catfish in chili oil. Affordable, casual and the service really is top notch. This is a restaurant not to be overlooked.

Shuang Shuang

Parties who are out looking for a great taste of Chinese cookery may want to seriously consider giving Shuang Shuang a visit and share in the delights of the authentic Chinese hot pots. Your table will be adorned with delicious broths, a range of dipping sauces and a vast myriad of things to dip, dunk and even poach yourself in the hot, flavoursome liquid. A truly brilliant and innovative take on Chinese dinning. Your first visit may be a little overwhelming to begin with, but once you get into your food groove, you’ll forever have a craving for the Chinese hot pot experience.

Bar Shu

This restaurant, along with the aforementioned Baiwei, is another component in the group of Chinese eatery’s opened by Shao Wei, a successful Chinese restaurateur. Bar Shu is the original and often called the best restaurant in the Shao Wei collective. Their menu features traditionally hot and spicy Sichuan cuisine, but also comprises some brilliantly experimental menu offerings, gaining plaudits from all corners of the culinary landscape.

HK Diner

A modest eatery that doesn’t have the most appealing exterior, but once you get inside and are pointed towards an empty table by the eager-to-please waiting staff, get ready to enjoy delicious Chinese classics, including the succulent whole roast duck with stir fried greens, generous platters of spicy seafood and a long list of authentic Chinese teas, perfect for settling the stomach after a substantial and delicious oriental meal.

Yauatcha Soho

One of the few Chinese restaurants to boast a Michelin star, Yauatcha’s stock continues to grow all the time, with other restaurants from the franchise opening around the globe. Yauatcha is a beautifully contemporary setting to enjoy a dim sum menu unlikely to be matched by any other venue in Chinatown. The tasting menu for two is very reasonably priced, so prepare yourself to be wowed by nine courses of exciting and innovative offerings.


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