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Keeping Your Child Healthy Through Outdoor Fun


As a reader of my site, you might think that because I’m obsessed with skincare I’m obsessed with protecting my baby from the great outdoors. But actually, going outside can be a very healthy thing for a baby.

Of course, you never want to put your baby under the age of six months directly into contact with the sun’s rays for an extended period of time. But periodic exposure to sunlight, as well as with other substances, will only help your baby’s skin in the long run. Getting early contact with the outside world will begin preparing your baby for the roughness of the world, different allergens, and even the harshness of wind and sun.

enjoying the life together

You’ll definitely want to prepare your antidotes, such as lotions for dry skin, burn creams, etc. But at the same time, you want to get your child out there and experiencing the world.

If you’re really excited to get your child out there and experiencing the world, once they are a little bit older, you can go ahead and get them set up with a great new hobby to experience. For example, get your child started on some snowboarding. With snowboarding however, you will need to be worried about both skin drying out from the cold air, as well as sunburn. People don’t think of sunburn when their kid is out on the slopes in the cold, but the sun reflects very brightly off of snow. Make sure to invest in some quality goggles and arm-length snow gear from a great outfitter like Surfdome. Surfdome has a partnership with Groupon, so check out their awesome deals to save money.

If your child is excited to hit the water, rather than surf (or maybe just in the summer season, while they get to snowboard in winter), Surfdome can also help you out. Buy the arm-length wetsuit to protect your child’s skin from the sun. You won’t be able to do much to keep your child’s skin from drying out due to contact with salt water, but you should ask them to take a freshwater rinse before long. Their hair may grow coarser over the course of the summer, but that’s not something a little conditioner can’t remedy.

No matter what you decide to get your child involved in, there are plenty of great products to protect them from the world and remedy their ailments.


Author: joinengland

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