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The 4 London Events to Experience in May


As the summer months are closing in we thought it would be a good idea to provide a brief summary of some of the best events for any tourist to experience when they are planning their London excursion in the next couple of months. London, being one of the most famous cities in the world, continues to be a safe bet for any who seek to experience culture in all its shapes and sizes.


The events are coming en mass in May, and even though one might wish to see and experience all, there is simply too much to see. Therefore, lets see what might be available for various interests.

Aquatics Championships – 9th- 22nd May

One of the best and most interesting events for aquatics fans is being hosted in London this May as the continents most promising and best swimmers, divers, and synchronised swimmers. For those supporting and cheering for Team GB this should prove to be the event where they should prove the team to beat. As the host nation, dismissing Team GB will be beating the odds as they topped the table at the last European Aquatics Championships in 2014, Germany.

State Opening of Parliament – 18th May

For those who have visited London to see and experience the most iconic aspects of Britain, will sure like to observe the State opening of Parliament where the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh travel by coach to the Palace of Westminster. As they travel by coach, the fanfare is surely to warm any heart to the spectacle and continue to catch the fascination of visitors and tourists alike.

FA Cup, Wembley – 21st May

One of the most historic football cups in the world comes to a-close on the 21st of May, as the final in the FA Cup takes its place on the iconic Wembley Stadium. Though getting tickets at this point might prove a feat beating the odds, the final will prove to become a spectacle observable throughout London. And if you really wish to see the finals but have not secured your tickets, watching the game in one of London´s many pubs will prove to be an atmospheric experience in itself. After all, the final at Wembley is football history in the making, and any visitor should take advantage of that and potentially might find different odds here to be beneficial to capitalise on the event.

London Wine Week – 23rd-29th May

If football and aquatics are not your inner desire for a cultured experience of London, this event should prove a very different journey. This event is a rather new one, and deserves mention and praise from their massive success the last two years. As the events in London are numerous and continuous, this event prove itself even more enticing as a £10 wristband is all you need in order to take advantage of self-guided wine tours, taste sessions and events across location through London.

Regardless of whether your stay in London is to see the Queen, cheer for Team GB in the aquatics, or playing the odds while immersing yourself in the atmosphere of Wembley Stadium this May – London is the city for you.


Author: joinengland

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