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Ways to earn more money as a student in London


If you’ve moved to London to study at university, you’ll have found that the prices are probably a little higher than you’ve been used to. Rent, food, drinks and entertainment all come at a slightly higher price tag and you suddenly find yourself having to cut back on some little luxuries.

Getting a part time job while you study at university is a great way to earn a bit of extra cash and finance your wild nights out, but it can be difficult finding a job that’s flexible enough to fit around deadlines and exams, or sudden trips home to visit your family. Here are a few ideas of ways you can earn some money doing casual or freelance work, so you can decide your own schedule.

Courier/Delivery Driver

You could get hired with a local takeaway as a delivery driver, but if you have your own car, there are many more opportunities open to you. With new services such as Uber and Lyft, more people are getting the chance to earn some additional income by driving. Although Uber drivers work for the Uber service, they decide when they work and for how much they work. You could also set up your own delivery or courier service, arranging deliveries for businesses, for example. If you decide to go down this path, make sure you keep yourself covered with these courier insurance quotes.


Chances are you are pretty knowledgeable in the subject you are studying. If this is a subject that is commonly studied, such as maths, English or any of the sciences, you can make some money by tutoring schoolchildren studying for their GCSEs or A-Levels. All you need to do is create a profile on a website such as TutorHunt and anyone looking for a tutor in the area can get in touch with you. You set your prices, so you can control how much you earn and when you work. You don’t need to have any teaching experience; as long as you can show that you are proficient in the subject, your customers should be satisfied.

Dog walking

Earn a bit of extra cash by helping out people in the local area. If you live in the city, not many people are likely to have cars for you to wash or gardens for you to mow, but one thing you could do is set up a dog walking service and advertise it locally. You might not earn the big bucks from it, but if you’re a dog lover, then it should be an enjoyable way to earn a bit extra.

Sell unwanted items

If you don’t want to get a job and just need a little bit extra to get you to the next student loan payment, have a look round to see if there is anything you don’t use anymore that you could sell. DVDs, games, electronics, and anything random that think might have some value to it. List it on eBay to see how much you can get for it.

So, next time you’re short on beer money at the Student’s Union, think about some of these ways to top up your bank balance, while staying in control of your own time and schedule.


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